Friday, July 20, 2012

Blog Post #14

I had such a great experience in EDM310 and I can't wait to start my journey as an Educator.

Project 13

I loved the group I was a part of.  Group members consist of; Mary Anderson, Christie Mason and Angyl White they are all wonderful and kind people.  We all got a long great and communicated like we have known each other for years.  We not only had such a great group but we all formed such wonderful friendships!
We communicated through text messaging and Google (Gmail).  We used Google for searching pictures, videos, etc.  Google was the primary form of communication we used a lot.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog Post #13

Back to the Future:
This video had a lot of great ideas.  I loved the idea of students creating their own blog.  This will help with their writing skills and help them come familiar with the computer.  Now, about blogging versus multiple choice question is a different story.  I like testing with multiple choice but why not use best of both worlds.  Teachers can give a multiple choice test and have an essay question for them to answer on their blog.  This way the teacher can make sure the students learns the information and helps with the guess rate.

A Vision of Students Today:
This was shocking information.  The statistics are jaw dropping.  This video puts an emphasis on how many educators not willing to experience change and embrace technology.  If teachers will not use technology in their classroom, they they are not preparing their students for the future.  Students should benefit from the technological culture.  The outside world revolves around technology, so why not use it to help our students succeed.  As a future educator I want to help my students learn and benefit from all tools that will help them succeed in their future.

How Will You Teach Me In The 21st Century:
This video helped me realize how I want to use technology to help my students.  I want my students to learn and understand the importance of technology.  I would like my students to connect and participate with people all around the world.  This will show my students different views of how people use technology in their classroom.  Also, i want my students to experience the tools that will benefit them to have a successful future.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Final Report on PLN

a computer surrounded with teaching tools

I have successfully added great teaching tools and resources to all of my tiles on Symbaloo.  I will continue to expand my Symbaloo and  in turn, I will continue to be a "Life Long Leaner".  Thank you, Dr. Strange for introducing, how we can stay organized and effectively use technology in the classroom and in our personal life.  My Symbaloo will never be complete because technology is always changing.  Therefore, I will always add new teaching tools and techniques as I continue with my teaching career.

Monday, July 9, 2012


In my comment I tried to link my personal blog and class blog but it would not let me and I do not know why.

I was assigned Lee Kolbert, A Geeky Momma's Blog.  I was truly inspired by her and she encouraged me to be more involved in the technological world.  I have been using my Symbaloo more often, in search for great teaching tools.  She is currently a district manager at the Department of Educational Technology.  She has been an educater in Palm Beach County, FL. for 26 years and was a classroom teacher and district technology specialist.  She is very passionate and enthusiastic about helping teacher integrate technology in their classrooms.'
 this is a picture of 4 students wearing shirts that say i love teachers
Ms. Kolbert discusses in her post, Something I learned at ISTE, is that her experience usually focuses not only in the content, but how inspired she is.  She has seen an increased focus on lifting teachers spirits and helping them see that they really are needed.  She states, "If you're trying to help teachers feel empowered, it's not helpful to contribute to the idea that they are all alone out there."  She also wanted to know, if it was wrong of her to not care anymore about the people who make it difficult to connect.
Comment 1:
My name is Angelia Gafford, I attend The University of South Alabama and I'm taking a class called EDM310 which teaches how to incorporate technology in the classroom. I do not feel it is wrong that you do not want to try so hard because some people have to learn things on their own. I have noticed that there are some future educators worried if they will be replaced with technology. So, knowing there is an increased focus on lifting and empowering teachers helps put my mind at ease. Thanks for the tip about Soundnote on the iPad.

ereader test

Ms. Kolbert did this exercise and found out she could read 369 WPM, 48% faster than the national average.  This is a free test and will only take a few minutes.  At the end it presents you with a list of books and information on how long it would take you complete each book.  Also, it tells you how many books you can read before you start to loose battery life.
Comment 2.-I tried the hyper links again but my comment has to be approved.  I hope it worked this time.
Hello Ms. Kolbert.  My name is Angelia Gafford and I attend, The University of South Alabama.  I am currently taking a class this summer called, EDM310.  This is a class to help teach us how to incorporate technology in the classroom.  I decided to test myself and found out that I can read 220 WPM which makes me 12% slower than the national average and I can read 2.9 books before recharging. This was a fun activity to test your reading skills and has encouraged me to read more. I also, hope my classmates will test themselves to find out their score.  If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at Twitter @angeliagafford and Angelia Gafford's Class Blog.

Progress Report: Final Project #16

a picture of an iPad with the word iBook author on it                                                       
I would like to say, "I love my group".  We all get along great and when we get together, it is a hoot.  We all have busy schedules therefore, we have been communicating via email and texting.  I have my sentence and book trailer complete.  I would like to use my blog post #6, Randy Pausch's Last Lecture.  I am going to send it to my group and do some personal editing, as well.  I have started working on my two minute video about important technology I want to incorporate in my classroom.  I started gathering my ten photos and I can't wait to see what the group has put together.  

Blog Post #12

kids using their smartphone to do work in the classroom
I am an Elementary Education Major and would like to teach 3rd grade and I feel that Smartphones will be a tremendous asset to my classroom.  Therefore, I would like you to watch the video, A Tongue-in-Check Video About Bans on Smartphones in Schools. Then answer the two questions listed below.

1.) Discuss the Pros and Cons of using smartphone's in the classroom.  
2.) Do you feel the Pros out way the Cons?

Technology has become a great resource to use in the classroom.   About 70% of students own smartphone's and 69% of schools ban their use.  Having a smartphone allows the capability of internet access anywhere and anytime.
  • Built in Camera 
  • Built in Microphone 
  • Light weight, easy to carry
  • Built in video recorder
  • Internet Connection with easy browser usage                         
  • Useful applications to help with learning
  • Connected keyboard
Smartphones bring versatility to the classroom.  Students can use the camera to take pictures of their work, the microphone to record lectures and the video to record what they do.  They will have on the go internet usages at their fingertips, it's light weight and easy to carry. Tthey can use application such as mobile scavenger hunt, Flashcards++, Project Noah and GoKnow.  There is a keyboard to makes it easier to take notes.  Teachers can use this mobile device to teach colorful lessons and in turn, help maintain their attention.  By showing students how fun using their phone is in the classroom, they will be eager to expand that knowledge outside the four walls. 
a brass old school weighs
  • Disruption                                         
  • Distraction                      
  • Unfairness
  • Control
  • Insurance
  • Cost
  • Bullying
  • Cheating
The cons of having smartphones in the classroom; disruption caused by a ringing phone, students distracted by playing games or texting, cheating made easier and unfairness can occur because of affordability and in turn, will cause bullying.  Some problems may occur with controlling what exactly the students are doing.  Smartphones can cost a large amount of money and teachers can run into the problem of who's insurance would pay?

I believe the pros defiantly out way the cons because we will have disruption whether it is a ringing phone or class clown,  students are distracted easily and using technology will help maintain their attention. Students are also, going to play games or pass notes using pencils and paper.  Some smartphones are less expensive than computers and teachers may be able to find phone companies willing to give to their school.  Also, parents maybe more prone to buying their child a smartphone and paying the monthly fee vs. an Xbox or PlayStation.  Students cheat all the time with pencil and paper.  Therefore, having a smartphone isn't going to make cheating occur more.  Take a look at the bigger picture, our students education.  Educators should embrace all technology because the future of our students lies in our hands. 

pictures of the use of technology over time

I referenced these articles and watched the video to explain my answer.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy's talks about how she began the use of technology in her Skype Interview with Dr. Strange.  Ms. Cassidy's technological journey started about 10 years ago when she was given 5 computers to operate in her classroom.  She began to think, "How can I use this technology to help educate my students".  So, she researched ways to use technology in her classroom and became a successful teacher in the process.  She had a very helpful support group that made it a little easier to accomplish her goals.  Ms. Cassidy had to make sure the identity of her students would be protected and she needed permission from all parents before she could post anything on the internet.  Therefore, she sent a form for the parents to sign at the beginning of the school year.  Ms. Cassidy states, "Technology is here to stay, that we have to change because the world is changing and if we do not, then we are handicapping ourselves and our students".  This is a very powerful message because if we do not change then our students will be the ones to suffer.
She explored many different ways to incorporate technology and demonstrates how useful it is in her video, 1st graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class.  Her students looked very excited and enthusiastic while making this video.   I gained many great ideas that I would like to use in my classroom.  For example, having a class blog because it gives the parents a convenient way to view their child's progress.  I also loved Wiki's because it showed a different variety of answers and helps them learn from other people.  I also like the idea of students posting their work on the class blog because it made them proud and they enjoyed seeing new comments from people across the world.   I loved the use of Nintendo DS, which showed them how to share with others.  I enjoyed learning how Skype can be used to communicate with classroom all around the world.
I did have one concern, will our students still have great penmanship?  Even though they are writing on blogs, they should still learn the proper way of forming letters with pencil and paper.  A way to address this issue is to not forget about pens, pencils, and paper.  Teachers should make sure their students still learn the proper way to write a sentence without typing it on a key board.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blog Post #10

a picture of 2 men described as penciles
Adventures in Pencil Integration
While I examine both photos I think to myself, "what does this metaphor mean"?  I believe it means that they have the same purpose, just one pencil is more useful for a networked students.  I read a comment John T. Spence wrote and he said, "it is a mock of the Mac and PC commercials".  That makes since, though a PC is very useful and gets the job done but the Mac is more up to date and has other benefits that we can use as teachers to help our students.  It can be a better advantage to spend a little more extra money on the Ticonderoga because it will last longer and you can learn new and different things that a PC does not offer.
Why were your kids playing games:
Mr. Spencer uses this blog post to explain the type of teaching methods he is using in his classroom to the principle.  This helps me understand why I do not want to participate in the "burp back" teaching method.  Our students want to learn and are more eager to learn, when teachers incorporate fun activities.  Sometimes we think, "We have to do it because it's for school" and this makes us procrastinate.  If make it a fun, then  students will be more willing to participate.
Educators should use other methods of teaching such as, technology.  This will help the student find their own style, method of learning and help with retaining the information.  Also, other teaching methods besides lecture can help stimulate their brain, expand their minds to be open and continue to want to be, "Life Long Learners".
Mr. Spence also talks about in his blog, 10 ideas for using Instagram in the classroom.  Instagram is an application you can get on your phone to modify pictures.
He says, "Instagram reminds me to pay attention".  That he can pay attention to the beauty in the world by these 10 different ways; digital storytelling, grammar practice, photo journalism, photo prompts, metaphors, photos for blogs, find the context, ethnographic study, sharing art, and just let them take a picture.  I never new that one app. could help us modify the way we see the world.  This gives us the option to take a picture and change it to the way we see it and how we feel when we take that particular photo.
Don't teach your kids this stuff. Please?
Mr. McLeod has his PHD. and is currently servicing as a Director of Innovation for Prairie Lake Area Education Agency 8 in Iowa.  He is also the founding Director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education.
What this means to me is that, Educators need to be open to change and understand the importance of how technology can impact our schools.  It also means, that our students need to be shown the importance of education because that is vital to their survival in the real world.  I have notice Future Teachers concerned about having a job once they graduate.  Well, Dr. Strange is a perfect example of why teachers will still be needed.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I was assigned Dangerously Irrelevant which discusses Technology, Leadership, and the Future of School.
Dr. McLeod has a PHD. and is currently servicing as a director of Innovation for Prairie Lake Area Education Agency 8 in Iowa.  He is also the founding Director of UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education.  You can also check him out on Twitter @mcleodreads.
Comment 1
I commented on blog post Teach Students Higher Order or Critical Thinking Skills?  Not if Texas Republicans have their way.  Dr. McLeod talks about how Texas chooses not hold education at the highest importance. This was my comment for this blog post, My name is Angelia Gafford and I'm a student of the University of South Alabama.  I am taking a class this summer EDM310.  I would like to think we want to make sure our students are developing critical and higher order thinking skills.  As a future educator, I want my students to embrace learning and become as my professor Dr. Strange would say, "Life Long Learners".  This new information was completely shocking to me.
Comment 2
Dr. McLeod is taking a 1 year leave of absence from the University of Kentucky starting July 1.  He will be serving in Iowa as the Director of Innovation for Prairie Lake Area Education Agency 8.  He will be focusing on resourcing and supporting the 45 innovated school districts that the AEA serves.  I commented, Congratulations, the more technology is used in our classroom, the more our students will benefit.  We all need to be able to effectively use technology in all classrooms.