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In my comment I tried to link my personal blog and class blog but it would not let me and I do not know why.

I was assigned Lee Kolbert, A Geeky Momma's Blog.  I was truly inspired by her and she encouraged me to be more involved in the technological world.  I have been using my Symbaloo more often, in search for great teaching tools.  She is currently a district manager at the Department of Educational Technology.  She has been an educater in Palm Beach County, FL. for 26 years and was a classroom teacher and district technology specialist.  She is very passionate and enthusiastic about helping teacher integrate technology in their classrooms.'
 this is a picture of 4 students wearing shirts that say i love teachers
Ms. Kolbert discusses in her post, Something I learned at ISTE, is that her experience usually focuses not only in the content, but how inspired she is.  She has seen an increased focus on lifting teachers spirits and helping them see that they really are needed.  She states, "If you're trying to help teachers feel empowered, it's not helpful to contribute to the idea that they are all alone out there."  She also wanted to know, if it was wrong of her to not care anymore about the people who make it difficult to connect.
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My name is Angelia Gafford, I attend The University of South Alabama and I'm taking a class called EDM310 which teaches how to incorporate technology in the classroom. I do not feel it is wrong that you do not want to try so hard because some people have to learn things on their own. I have noticed that there are some future educators worried if they will be replaced with technology. So, knowing there is an increased focus on lifting and empowering teachers helps put my mind at ease. Thanks for the tip about Soundnote on the iPad.

ereader test

Ms. Kolbert did this exercise and found out she could read 369 WPM, 48% faster than the national average.  This is a free test and will only take a few minutes.  At the end it presents you with a list of books and information on how long it would take you complete each book.  Also, it tells you how many books you can read before you start to loose battery life.
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Hello Ms. Kolbert.  My name is Angelia Gafford and I attend, The University of South Alabama.  I am currently taking a class this summer called, EDM310.  This is a class to help teach us how to incorporate technology in the classroom.  I decided to test myself and found out that I can read 220 WPM which makes me 12% slower than the national average and I can read 2.9 books before recharging. This was a fun activity to test your reading skills and has encouraged me to read more. I also, hope my classmates will test themselves to find out their score.  If you would like to contact me, I can be reached at Twitter @angeliagafford and Angelia Gafford's Class Blog.

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