Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog Post #13

Back to the Future:
This video had a lot of great ideas.  I loved the idea of students creating their own blog.  This will help with their writing skills and help them come familiar with the computer.  Now, about blogging versus multiple choice question is a different story.  I like testing with multiple choice but why not use best of both worlds.  Teachers can give a multiple choice test and have an essay question for them to answer on their blog.  This way the teacher can make sure the students learns the information and helps with the guess rate.

A Vision of Students Today:
This was shocking information.  The statistics are jaw dropping.  This video puts an emphasis on how many educators not willing to experience change and embrace technology.  If teachers will not use technology in their classroom, they they are not preparing their students for the future.  Students should benefit from the technological culture.  The outside world revolves around technology, so why not use it to help our students succeed.  As a future educator I want to help my students learn and benefit from all tools that will help them succeed in their future.

How Will You Teach Me In The 21st Century:
This video helped me realize how I want to use technology to help my students.  I want my students to learn and understand the importance of technology.  I would like my students to connect and participate with people all around the world.  This will show my students different views of how people use technology in their classroom.  Also, i want my students to experience the tools that will benefit them to have a successful future.

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  1. Extension granted but still late.

    I don't recognize Back to the Future from what you have written. It makes me wonder whether you watched the same video i did. Or if you watched anything for this part of the assignment.

    Approaching a portable paragraph. We learn nothing about what the video argued - only your reactions.

    How will you teach me...Well.... a little bit better but only a little bit. It is very clear this was hastily done.

    Missing several parts of the assignment Well, I think on reflection that the assignment for Blog Post #13 was excessive. But your post is nevertheless unsatisfactory.

    You really should watch Brian Crosby's talk. It is very powerful and important, especially considering the kids in his class.