Sunday, July 1, 2012


I was assigned Dangerously Irrelevant which discusses Technology, Leadership, and the Future of School.
Dr. McLeod has a PHD. and is currently servicing as a director of Innovation for Prairie Lake Area Education Agency 8 in Iowa.  He is also the founding Director of UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education.  You can also check him out on Twitter @mcleodreads.
Comment 1
I commented on blog post Teach Students Higher Order or Critical Thinking Skills?  Not if Texas Republicans have their way.  Dr. McLeod talks about how Texas chooses not hold education at the highest importance. This was my comment for this blog post, My name is Angelia Gafford and I'm a student of the University of South Alabama.  I am taking a class this summer EDM310.  I would like to think we want to make sure our students are developing critical and higher order thinking skills.  As a future educator, I want my students to embrace learning and become as my professor Dr. Strange would say, "Life Long Learners".  This new information was completely shocking to me.
Comment 2
Dr. McLeod is taking a 1 year leave of absence from the University of Kentucky starting July 1.  He will be serving in Iowa as the Director of Innovation for Prairie Lake Area Education Agency 8.  He will be focusing on resourcing and supporting the 45 innovated school districts that the AEA serves.  I commented, Congratulations, the more technology is used in our classroom, the more our students will benefit.  We all need to be able to effectively use technology in all classrooms. 


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  2. This corrects the spelling of Dr. McLeod's name. Otherwise it is the same as the post I have removed.

    "I comment on blog post Teach Students Higher Order..." commented not comment

    "...about how Texas do not hold education at the top of all charts." does not do At the "top of all charts " is an unusual way to say this. Can you think of a better way. Maybe about how Texas fails to recognize the importance of education? You need to summarize the position of Dr. McCloud (and you need to identify him) .You need to end the quote you start: "Life Long Learners.

    I hope you wrote Congratulations, not "Congratulation..."

    "...the more technology that is innovated in the classroom,..." I think you miss use innovated here. Used is better. And "benefit....with" is not good writing. I would suggest The more technology is used in our classrooms, the more our students will benefit.

    I hope that technology is not a luxury in your classroom!

    You need to work on your writing.

    Very brief. Too brief. Omits any discussion of what Dr. McCloud says and omits his name and identification.

    1. Sorry, it was brief and omits any discussion, I will revise and add more to this post. Thanks for the constructive criticism BUT isn't his name Dr.McLeod not as you said in your comment as Dr. McCloud? Just wondering if I need to change his name or anything to McCloud. Thanks again I will do much better with my writing.

    2. Oh I see where you put I should have said Dr. instead of Mr. McLeod but then at the end of your comment you say Dr. McCloud. So the correct way is Dr. McLeod, I see now.