Monday, July 9, 2012

Blog Post #12

kids using their smartphone to do work in the classroom
I am an Elementary Education Major and would like to teach 3rd grade and I feel that Smartphones will be a tremendous asset to my classroom.  Therefore, I would like you to watch the video, A Tongue-in-Check Video About Bans on Smartphones in Schools. Then answer the two questions listed below.

1.) Discuss the Pros and Cons of using smartphone's in the classroom.  
2.) Do you feel the Pros out way the Cons?

Technology has become a great resource to use in the classroom.   About 70% of students own smartphone's and 69% of schools ban their use.  Having a smartphone allows the capability of internet access anywhere and anytime.
  • Built in Camera 
  • Built in Microphone 
  • Light weight, easy to carry
  • Built in video recorder
  • Internet Connection with easy browser usage                         
  • Useful applications to help with learning
  • Connected keyboard
Smartphones bring versatility to the classroom.  Students can use the camera to take pictures of their work, the microphone to record lectures and the video to record what they do.  They will have on the go internet usages at their fingertips, it's light weight and easy to carry. Tthey can use application such as mobile scavenger hunt, Flashcards++, Project Noah and GoKnow.  There is a keyboard to makes it easier to take notes.  Teachers can use this mobile device to teach colorful lessons and in turn, help maintain their attention.  By showing students how fun using their phone is in the classroom, they will be eager to expand that knowledge outside the four walls. 
a brass old school weighs
  • Disruption                                         
  • Distraction                      
  • Unfairness
  • Control
  • Insurance
  • Cost
  • Bullying
  • Cheating
The cons of having smartphones in the classroom; disruption caused by a ringing phone, students distracted by playing games or texting, cheating made easier and unfairness can occur because of affordability and in turn, will cause bullying.  Some problems may occur with controlling what exactly the students are doing.  Smartphones can cost a large amount of money and teachers can run into the problem of who's insurance would pay?

I believe the pros defiantly out way the cons because we will have disruption whether it is a ringing phone or class clown,  students are distracted easily and using technology will help maintain their attention. Students are also, going to play games or pass notes using pencils and paper.  Some smartphones are less expensive than computers and teachers may be able to find phone companies willing to give to their school.  Also, parents maybe more prone to buying their child a smartphone and paying the monthly fee vs. an Xbox or PlayStation.  Students cheat all the time with pencil and paper.  Therefore, having a smartphone isn't going to make cheating occur more.  Take a look at the bigger picture, our students education.  Educators should embrace all technology because the future of our students lies in our hands. 

pictures of the use of technology over time

I referenced these articles and watched the video to explain my answer.


  1. Angelia,

    I definitely agree that smartphones could be used in the classroom in an efficient and effective way. We might as well make use of these tools if students are going to use them secretly anyways. Be sure to check your spelling before posting. I found a few spelling/grammar errors!

  2. Nice assignment you came up with. Putting smartphones in the hands of 3rd graders can become a very heated debate. I like how you gave not only the pros, but also the cons of the kids having a smartphone. By doing this makes the blog post not one sided. Great Job, and keep up the good work!!!