Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blog Post #10

a picture of 2 men described as penciles
Adventures in Pencil Integration
While I examine both photos I think to myself, "what does this metaphor mean"?  I believe it means that they have the same purpose, just one pencil is more useful for a networked students.  I read a comment John T. Spence wrote and he said, "it is a mock of the Mac and PC commercials".  That makes since, though a PC is very useful and gets the job done but the Mac is more up to date and has other benefits that we can use as teachers to help our students.  It can be a better advantage to spend a little more extra money on the Ticonderoga because it will last longer and you can learn new and different things that a PC does not offer.
Why were your kids playing games:
Mr. Spencer uses this blog post to explain the type of teaching methods he is using in his classroom to the principle.  This helps me understand why I do not want to participate in the "burp back" teaching method.  Our students want to learn and are more eager to learn, when teachers incorporate fun activities.  Sometimes we think, "We have to do it because it's for school" and this makes us procrastinate.  If make it a fun, then  students will be more willing to participate.
Educators should use other methods of teaching such as, technology.  This will help the student find their own style, method of learning and help with retaining the information.  Also, other teaching methods besides lecture can help stimulate their brain, expand their minds to be open and continue to want to be, "Life Long Learners".
Mr. Spence also talks about in his blog, 10 ideas for using Instagram in the classroom.  Instagram is an application you can get on your phone to modify pictures.
He says, "Instagram reminds me to pay attention".  That he can pay attention to the beauty in the world by these 10 different ways; digital storytelling, grammar practice, photo journalism, photo prompts, metaphors, photos for blogs, find the context, ethnographic study, sharing art, and just let them take a picture.  I never new that one app. could help us modify the way we see the world.  This gives us the option to take a picture and change it to the way we see it and how we feel when we take that particular photo.
Don't teach your kids this stuff. Please?
Mr. McLeod has his PHD. and is currently servicing as a Director of Innovation for Prairie Lake Area Education Agency 8 in Iowa.  He is also the founding Director of the UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education.
What this means to me is that, Educators need to be open to change and understand the importance of how technology can impact our schools.  It also means, that our students need to be shown the importance of education because that is vital to their survival in the real world.  I have notice Future Teachers concerned about having a job once they graduate.  Well, Dr. Strange is a perfect example of why teachers will still be needed.


  1. Hey Angelia! I like how you think teachers should not use only one method of teaching.I also thought Instagram was a pretty cool idea to use in the classroom. I've never thought of it that way. A little advice: re-read your posts before publishing or even type them in a Word document before publishing because I see a few grammatical errors. I find myself reading my own posts 3-4 times and still having some errors. Anyways, great job on posting about your opinions of the videos. I enjoyed reading it.


  2. Hey Angelia,

    I had no idea about how useful Instagram would be either! That is really cool. Thanks for your comments on that!

    You didn't tell us what you thought Mr. McLeod's post "Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?" means to you. You only put the link.

    Stephen Akins

    1. I wrote what it meant to me I just didn't put, This is what is means to me. So I fixed it. Thanks!