Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blog Post #3

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Peer Editing is working with a fellow classmate to improve, revise, and edit their own writing.  Sometimes people can get the wrong impression when you tell them they have errors.  So we should follow the 3 steps shown in the video and slide show, What is Peer Editing and Peer Edit With Perfection.  The 3 steps consist of compliments, suggestions and corrections but the most important task of peer editing is to,"STAY POSITIVE".  We want to help our fellow classmates by using peer editing with constructive criticism not destructive, we don't want them to feel like they are being attacked or humiliated.  We should help each other as much as we can because we are in school for a reason; to accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves.
Watching Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistake has wonderful examples of the different types of peer editing your not suppose to do.  It makes me realize how important staying positive means.  Even 3rd and 4th graders understand the difference, so should we. As we go to school to become an educator, we should respect the concept of peer editing, take advantage of our classmates help and be open to any suggestion anyone may have.
I would email my classmate I was assigned too and offer suggestions and any corrections that I had.  She wrote very well and I enjoyed reading her blog.  I wanted to email which is private versus publicly announce errors that may have been seen.  Some people can get offended by offering help, so I feel it's always best to say anything in private.


Technology has a positive affect on teaching special education.  Students are able to perform tasks they had difficulty doing before technology.  Technology gives special needs students more opportunity to achieve a higher education.  All classrooms should have a computer to help every student because technology is the future.
How I can use technology in my classroom would be to provide computer, iPad, smart boards and whatever new materials I've researched online.  I will use technology to perform positive techniques to study and learn new material.  Technology has made learning fun and exciting but it has also provided a means for special needs students to communicate and it brings positive influences to every student.  I enjoyed this video because it brought to my attention how important technology is in every classroom.

The application at the App Store I chose was Discovery and Exploration Maps because it will help students retain the information.  History can be tedious and maybe boring to some and the attention span of a special needs students could be shorter, so using a application that is the worlds cheapest time machine will entertain and make leaning exciting.
This application will show our students the world and geographical knowledge of human kind and how much things have changed over time.  Watching videos of the worlds history will encourage students to want to learn more because all student like pictures and videos.  I know personally that I can understand  information a lot better by watching a video versus reading it.  The information sticks because we are more entertained and drawn to learn out more.  I can't wait to start taking advantage of all these new resources I learned.  I want my students to want and enjoy school.

Harness for Students Digital Smarts:
Vicki Davis helps her students communicate all over the world through technology.  In her class, she teaches her students how to use all tools available to them.  She understand that all students learn at different levels and she takes that into consideration when she teaches.  Davis wants her students to have opportunities to use technology not for just a tool to study but for them to use on a daily basis.

Ms. Davis seems to be very proud of her accomplishments and I wish to be the same way, as an educator.  I want to help my students learn and understand that technology is a learning tool to help them all throughout their lives.  I enjoyed watching her video and learning the different ways she involves her students in the virtual world and will use her techniques to help my students as well.


  1. Everything looks good except Paige Ellis' Blog Assignment 12 seems to have been overlooked. Be sure to go check it out. We also need you to be more detailed when you're evaluating the assigned videos, articles, etc. In this case, the Technology in Special Education video needs to be more detailed. Keep reflecting how you have been, though. Relating these assignments to your teaching career will greatly benefit you!

  2. Thanks, I will definitely try and be more detailed in my responses. About Paige Ellis' Blog Assignment 12, I was under the impression all we had to do was read it, which is what I did. In part E of number 1, it says to write 2 or more paragraphs detailing what you have learned from material listed in a, b, and c above. I must have over looked it because I didn't know we had to do anything besides read her blog?