Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blog Post #5

iSchool....what to think? Well, my opinion is, iSchool is a wonderful suggestion but should we really rely on technology for everything to do with educating our youth.  Don't get me wrong, it is a great idea to do away with text books, paper and number 2 pencils.  But I catch myself thinking is technology going to take the place of our educators.  We still need paper, pencils, text books and etc.  Technology is a great tool we should incorporated in our classroom as a learning tool NOT take the place of educators, text books, paper and pencils.
Can we rely on technology for everything?  What if our computer caught a virus and all technology was shut down for the school we were teaching at?  What would we do?  Revert back to text books and number 2 pencils?  Yes, we would.  Technology isn't the answer to all educational issues.  It is an important tool that we should all relate in our classrooms.  Using technology to help our students learn and make leaning exciting is what is most important in my opinion NOT the use for everything.  Sometimes you have to rely on paper and pencils.  I like the idea of iSchool but I also like the idea of keeping books in the classroom.
Erick Whitacre's virtual Choir
This sound alone that all the participants put out is inspiring.  Makes me rethink myself about iSchool and technology.  The sound was everlasting.  I rethink my feelings about how technology alone could change the schools across this world.  We can learn so much more about what technology really has to offer.  When you think about it, and catch a grasp of what you just learned, with a blink of an eye there is something new to venture off into.
Technology is the most amazing gift we could be granted with.  We can use this wonderful tool to change the lives of all the youth around the world.  I know believe in the iSchool and the good it can do for our educational system.  Technology is something we use every second of every day.  Why not use it for educating our children.  This is very inspiring and I can't wait to use everything I learn to help educate my students.
Flipping the classroom:
This is a wonderful tool to use in all classrooms.  As a future educator we are challenged to help all students at the same level.  With flipping the classroom it gives us more effective ways to help each students.  I loved the fact that she gives the students the opportunity to view the material and post question online.  This gives the students 24 hour access to all material besides just a book with boring bland information inside.  I will use this method at my advantage.  I would like to mix all students together because children can learn from their classmates as well.
We are becoming educators to help our students apply the knowledge they gain to the real world and to be successful in life.  If we have struggling students, middle group and higher level students in the same classroom learning at different paces then that will only diversify the classroom setting.  I loved the fact she had gained the attention of all students by being in the middle.  For the students who are struggling, the material online gives them so much opportunity to excel without other students knowing they are falling behind.  I can't wait to apply these methods of learning styles to my classroom.


  1. Hi Angelia! So glad to visit your blog and get your opinion on Blog Post #5. We agree on the fact that books, paper, and pencil should not become obsolete. Computers and technology are wonderful tools; when they work! Can you imagine relying only on computers and several students having technical difficulties? What then? That was a wonderful point for you to bring up! I think we have to consider that technology will become the PRIMARY source of teaching with books, paper, and pencils supplementing the educational process.

    I did notice that you had not commented on "21st Century Teaching" or "Flipping the Classroom". I know it's hard to squeeze all of these assignments in; especially when you have other classes with a lot going on at the same time. One piece of advice that I have for you is to make the time to go back and watch "Flipping the Classroom". I bookmarked the website in my Future Teaching Ideas folder on my computer. IT'S WONDERFUL AND SOOOO WORTH TAKING THE TIME TO LISTEN TO!!!! It is something I've learned that I KNOW I will use in my classroom someday!

    Keep up the good work and let me know if I can ever help. I'm looking forward to us doing our project together!

  2. The idea isn't to replace teachers with a computer. The idea is for teachers to be able to enhance learning by using technology. You mentioned that a computer can get a virus or malfunction. Normally a virus gets to a computer because the operator invites the virus in. There is software to prevent that. And if a computer malfunctions, there are technicians to fix it. As technology becomes more popular and widely used, the services to fix them will become less expensive.

    Now I have a question for you. What will a teacher do when a child rips out pages in a textbook?
    All elements of the classroom come with possible problems. I choose to support technology in the classroom because I'm willing to deal with those problems in exchange for an enriched learning environment which does not exclude pens and paper.

    1. I attended the seminar for iSchool Initiative for a few hours on Monday and after listening to his ideas it gave me a better understanding of how great of a tool technology really is. With that being said, I too choose to support technology in the classroom. Thanks for the comment and opinion because I have one of my own also.