Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blog Post #9

At a Teachers Desk; Mr. McClung:
Mr. McClung has written a blog describing helpful suggestions that all teachers should be prepared for or even follow.  He points out the things he has learned in his 1st year of teaching.  This is great for Education majors to read, so we can gain a better understanding of how it can be our 1st year in the field.  Everyone's experience will be different but this is useful insight from the mind of a 1st year teacher.
He talks about how to read the crowd and focus on your audience.  Teachers should focus on students vs. worrying about how being judged by your colleagues or superior.  Teacher should be flexible he says, "No lesson is ever perfect.  The lesson you teach and the one you plan are always different".  Educators should be open minded to change.  This can also go along with everyday life circumstances.  Remember to stay clam and everything work out.
Next he talks about communication, this is the glue that holds everything together.  Without communication things would chaotic.  We should use communcation to build trust and friendships with fellow teachers.  Teachers should "Be Reasonable", because no student is perfect.  If a students does not surpass your expectations, then take the time to work with them a little more.  I would love to incorporate all the useful teaching tools I've learned in EDM310.  We should always want to learn more and want to stay LIFE LONG LEARNERS.  Never be content with the little information you are shown, always push forward and learn more.  Mr. McClung's 1st year blog will help me to be patient, kind and understanding and in turn will help me be more successful as a teacher.  The advantage to reading his blog i,s that I may have less of a chance getting blindsided.


  1. Angelia,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Mr. McClung's blog post. I thoroughly enjoyed his writing as well. It was interesting to read it from the perspective of a person who has already experienced their first year of teaching. My first year, now three years ago, was chaotic. A lot of my trials that I experienced were addressed by Mr. McClung. It is important to note as you expressed in your post, "Everyone's experience will be different.... but as you also stated,"Reading his blog, I may have a less of a chance of getting hit blindsided."; a heads up is always helpful!
    Good luck with the rest of your days in this class. May we all survive and walk out smarter than the day we started. haha
    Brittany DeFalco

    1. Thanks Brittany. I also LOVE reading and looking at your blog:) We are all different human beings therefore, all of our experiences will be different. We just have to remember take the good and maybe the bad as not a hit to your techniques or who you are as a person but take them as a learning experience and grow to want to change the world with the use of technology by your side!

  2. Hey Angelia,

    Good post! I hope you found Mr. McClung's reflections useful!

    Do you think that reflection is a good way to grow and learn as a teacher?

    I believe that reflection is something that is very valuable to all teachers and students. Dr. Strange gives you a mid-term reflection and a final reflection in this class. This is a much better way to self evaluate to see if you are truly learning something.

    Good post Angelia,

    Stephen Akins

    1. Thanks Stephen, You are such a huge help in the lab, boy am I thankful for you guys there! I believe that using reflection is a wonderful way to evaluate your growth of learning as a teacher. But I also like grades as well, I like to know my progress from the teachers point of view as well because I could think I'm doing great but in fact I'm more at a "C" level to the teacher. I think it is best to let the students know how they are doing in the classroom as more like a progress report. You don't have to give grades just maybe a warning or a good job, yes your a passing kinda report.