Friday, June 8, 2012

C4T #1

The teacher I was assigned is Diane Krause and she is a Technology Staff Development Specialist and classroom for the future coach, where she provides assistance and support for faculty in the Wissahickon School District.  She is a goddess Soleil in the vitual world called Medievia (check it out)  Which in my opinion is pretty awesome.  She has been a member in the game world for 10 years. 
Her blog mainly consists of technology resources educators can use in the classroom.  She discovers new ideas and programs for teachers to use all over the world.  I commented on her post about Zinio, which is the worlds largest vitural magzine.  They have unique features like video, audio, and live links for your ipad, iphone, laptop, and desktop.  Zinio also have a blog you should check out.  The second comment I left was for her blog post about:
"Skype in the Classroom".
Diane pulled information about how we as educators can use Skype to show our students how learning can be exciting and memorable.  Knowing we can use Skype in our classroom to show our students what it's like all around the world, makes it exciting for me as a future educator.  We can use Skype to get ideas of what other classrooms look like and help students and teachers all around the world.  Not only do teachers use Skype but also people in the Military.  Skype is a wonderful source of technology we can bring into the classroom.  Like, virtual field trips to classrooms all around the world.  I enjoyed reading Mrs. Krause blog and will keep myself updated with her new findings of how to bring technology into our classrooms.


  1. The proper way to label this is C4T#1. That will help us keep better track of your assignments. Thanks.

    Have you used Skype? 57% of the students in this EDM310 class have used Skype.

    I looked you up and you say No to the use of Skype. You should do so!

    Well done. A useful member of your PLN!

  2. I changed the Title, Your welcome. I do have Skype but I haven't used it yet because I don't know how. I don't know how to change the use of my Skype to YES?? I will be in the lab tomorrow, I'll try to ask for help with Skype.