Friday, June 22, 2012


I was assigned to John T. Spencer.  He is a 6th grade ELL teacher in an Urban, Title One School.  He will have a classroom that is blended with one-to-one appraches of chromebooks, Kindle Fires and iPod Touches.  He is working towards pursuing constructivist and personlized learning experineces in his classroom.  He just presented and led a workshop at the iPossibilties iPad Conference in Indiana on June 11, 2012.  I watched Paperless Math which talked about wonderful tools to help students with math like blogging, podcasting.
Comment 1.
Advice For New Blogger:
Well, since I am a new blogger, this blog post fits in perfectly with this EDM310 Course.  Here is a shorter verson of the 12 tips to help you guys out.
1.) Don't find your Niche, well not yet at least.
2.)  Develop your voice
3.) Get a custom domain
4.) Engage in a conversation
5.) Prepare for CRITICISM
7.) Ignore the numbers
8.) Experiment with format
9.) Set an ethical standard for yourself
10.) Spend sometime on the Title
11.) Use social Media
12.) Brainstorm
These 12 tips should be in your back pocket when starting to blog.  He gives great advice and I am glad I was chosen to view this blog.  After reading these 12 steps I've set new standards for my blog postings.  I want to be more enthusiastic and be more detailed with everything I'm assigned to post on my blog.  And biggest of all, learn to take criticism in a good way even if it's hurtful.  We are all here to succeed and help whomever we can along the way.  I can't wait to venture off and search the web for ideas that I can use blogging once I'm an educator.  If you do these steps it will help you succeed as a blogger and can bring to peoples attention how blogging can change the way you think about technology.
Comment 2:
The Upside of #ISTE12
John Spencer spoke about how he has a space called Station Tavern, which is kinda like his, "safe haven".  This is where John and his buddies gather after work to debate vigorously, engaging in sophomoric junior high styled humor, and sharing a beverage that is banned from the staff lounge.  I commented saying, "it is nice to have a judgment free zone where you and your friends, family and co-workers can get together and talk about whatever you want".  I think that it is a key component to anyone really, to have a space where we can go to talk about what is on our minds and not be totally judged for our opinions.  I am glad to have been introduced to his blog and now I'm following him on twitter.


  1. "I was assinged to..." assigned not assinged

    "...and lead a workshop..." led not lead

    " Indian on ..." in Indiana, not Indian

    "I checked out the link and watch some of ..." watched, not watch

    "... Paperless Math, very interesting you should check it out. " Well, this is very poorly written. Instead of very interesting you must write: The post (blog) was very interesting. You should check it out. You cannot write as if you were texting in a blog post for EDM310!

    "...podcasting, hmm..who would have thought...." Why is hmm.. in this list? What is the purpose of this comment? It would be better to end the sentence with podcasting.

    "... He gives great advice and glad I was chosen..." You need to add I am before glad.

    "...these step,s..." step,s ???

    " whoever we ..." whomever not whoever

    "If you do these steps, which ever ones you find right for you, will help you succeed..." Poorly written. Try The 12 tips offered above, if you follow them, will help you succeed...

    Do you reread what you write. I have noticed similar problems on other posts of yours. YOU MUST PROOFREAD and work on your writing!

    1. Thanks I will fix all the errors. I was excited because I thought I wrote a good post but I did not. I do reread my post but I will work on rereading them more than once or twice. I will work on my writing. I was excited to show everyone how well I'm doing on my blog but I will have to stop and do some much needed work on my writing skills.