Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blog Post #4

Pod-casting with First Graders
Podcasting uses many helpful techniques educators can use to enlighten the minds of students.  Technology may frighten some, at first but we can show how fun podcasting can be.  It can bring students together and they can exude confidence in the skills the acquire.  For example, podcasting with first graders her students will learn skills like listening, speaking, presenting, comprehension, storytelling, performance, voice acting, oral fluency media, and technology.
Podcasting brings the story to life, make reading more enjoyable and will help them retain information longer.  Having podcasting exercise will make reading more exciting.  It will also, help them to learn how to follow direction.  Her students looked so happy and enjoyed learning about podcasting.  All students like to see the wonderful outcome of their hard work.  One issue I had would be, will podcasting take away from text book reading and learning?
Benefits of podcasting in a classroom by Joe Dale:
Joe Dale used podcasting to interact with the outside world.  This gives the children opportunity to communicate all around the world.  Technology is a form of our everyday life.  I really enjoyed learning that podcasting can help student with missed work when out sick.  This gives the students the ability to access everything they need straight from their home.  Podcasting gives these advantages to the students; they can listen for a review when out sick, higher levels of blooms taxonomy, excited about learning, projects to enhance their learning experience.
Another learning tool I enjoyed finding out is uploading podcasts into blogs.  Podcasting can be useful to get students out of their comfort zone, open up in the classroom and even start a meaningful debate.  Students will use podcasting to help use their higher order thinking skills.  I also, loved the fact that parents will be able to view and listen to what their child is learning.  I have friends who ask their children, "So what did you learn today" their response,  "nothing".  Now with podcasting and posting it is more convenient for the parent.  It will also help parents be involved with  school work and homework.  I remember when I was younger my parents tying to help me with homework and since they were out of school for so long, they too had a hard time figuring out what was right and wrong.  Podcasting will open new doors and bring a brighter light to the minds of our students.  I can't wait to start on ours for EDM310.


  1. Angelia, what a great blog! You raised some of the same points that I considered to be advantages of using podcasts. I especially liked that you considered the benefits of comprehension, oral fluency, and presenting. Technology in the classroom will only enhance the curriculum skills.

    Another wonderful point you made was about parents being able to communicate with their children. Parents can pull up a lesson on line and sit down with their children and go over lessons together. This may open a door for communication regarding school activities that continues through out their education. You really summed up this assignment in an enlightening way. Great job!

  2. Hi Angelia.

    I really enjoyed your blog. I agree that textbooks shouldn't be done away with completely and I'm glad you brought that up. Although, I do most of my reading from my computer, I still enjoy reading out of a book made of paper every once in awhile.

    As you have mentioned, podcasting has many advantages for students. I also believe this to be true. The fact that a student falling behind when sick can be prevented is amazing. You made some great points!

  3. "Technology can be frightening to children esp. first graders ..." What evidence do you have to support this claim. My experience leads me to believe just the opposite. I find that the older a person is the more frightened they are when they have to use technology.

    "I don't want to see all text books disappearing." I think you mean disappear, not disappearing. You continue: "Even though it's a book of paper, it still has interesting facts and if your computer shuts down or something happens then what do we do? Text books shouldn't totally disappear from the classroom because like history, our text books have meaning also." As far as I am concerned, all textbooks could disappear and I would not be bothered at all. I say this on two levels. 1. Textbooks are compendiums of information put together by a group of people. Similar collections can be found outside of textbooks. There is more variety in the original sources. 2. Why do we need paper? We can have textbooks without paper. That seems a lot more sensible to me.

    Another question: What do you mean by "because like history, our text books have meaning also"? Meaning? I am confused about the meaning of your sentence.

    1. While observing classrooms I have seen hands on that some children are frightened (AT FIRST) is what I should have said, sorry for the confusion! And yes, I meant dissapear. In my opinion I do not think that pencils and paper and text books should dissapear and I say that because I personally still use all that for work, school and etc. Text books have been used for generations, what I should have said was that technology is very expensive and some of our underdevelop schools may not be able to afford the wonderful tool of technology, so they have to use what they have! Once again I will say that after seeing iSchool Initiative on Moonday, I have more faith that technology is a huge tool that will help every student succeed!!!