Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blog Post #6

books about his last lecture with photos of his family
Randy Pausch's Last Lecture:
While watching Pausch's Last Lecture, I was touched by all of his amazing accomplishments.  This video as an assignment was a great idea.  I gained useful advice during the hour and sixteen minutes I spent watching this video.  His last lecture begins by reflecting on his childhood dreams, I can relate to the passion of his dreams because it was always my childhood dream to become a teacher.  I can recall many teachers who made an impact in my life; much like Dr. Pausch did in his students' lives.  Dr. Pausch's Last Lecture has fueled my desire to help students and make a difference in their lives. Dreams bring Creativity  to the minds of our students opens doors, and brings hope and possibility to help accomplish your goals.  We shouldn't shatter the dreams of our impressionable students but make them dream even bigger.  My father is a teacher and he has influenced me and all of his students to pursue their goals.  Teachers like Dr. Pausch and my father have helped me realize that all things can be accomplished with hard work and determination.

Dr. Pausch also stressed the importance of inspiring our youth.  When I have my classroom, I want to display pictures, stories, and examples of motivation individuals my students can look up to as role models.  This will set the tone for students setting high goals to succeed.  I believe I will include one of Dr. Pausch's inspirational quotes amount that display.   Dr. Pausch also reminded us that your first attempt may not turn out the way expected, but it is important to never give up on your dreams.  Be persistent, brush yourself off and try again.  My classroom will be a gateway for hope and possibility to is unending.

Everyone knows that school isn't always fun.  It can be stressful, time consuming and countless hours of hard work.  Education shouldn't be all about memorizing dates, burp back lectures and standardized testing.  Through EDM 310 I have learned that it is possible to utilize technology resources in order to effectively teach students.  Dr. Pausch showed his students the same thing with a brilliant, positive energy.  I have learned that technology resources are never ending.  Dates in history can be brought to life with 3D images, videos and podcasts.  I will be able to supply hands on materials that will help my students learn from hands on experience.  There will still be a place in my classroom for taking notes with pencil and paper, but I believe relying more on the benefits of technology will enable my students to perform better on test.  This will be accomplished by stimulating their brains with fun and exciting techniques.

It is one thing to dream to be a teacher, but it's another thing to become a teacher who reaches students and inspires  people the way Dr. Randy Pausch did during and after his life.  The passion Dr. Pausch had during his last lecture, knowing he was about to die, made ma appreciate my life and the opportunities I have ahead of me.  His final foal was to bring hope and the promise of success to his children through his life's dreams, works, and lessons.  I am grateful that I have been introduced to Randy Pausch's lectures.  His message is something I will never forget, and I hope to live by his example.


  1. Angelia,
    I completely agree with you that technology allows teachers to stimulate the young minds of students growing up in the 21st century. The idea of posting pictures from people around the world that accomplished their dreams is awesome. I believe it is very important that students see the true heroes and that the students can meet their goals as well. Thank you for sharing your opinion and great ideas.

  2. I love the Randy Pausch assignment! His lessons are good for any practically age.
    Well done.