Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Blog Post #8

Dr, Richard E. Miller
Dr. Miller wants to challenge teachers to adapt to a listening/watching culture by teaching students to produce multimedia instead of lecture with pens and paper.  This is a new age, a cultural change, we have the capability to communicate instantly and globally.  Dr. Miller talked about the easy access to virtual text books and how we can find them on for as cheap as 0.59 cents.  Dr. Miller also talked about how he did projects without ever stepping into the library.  This will give our students the option to work at their own pace.  Doing project and assignments will be easier because they can do it in their home without ever leaving.  They can also, collaborate by using networking technology such as, video and images.  This will make it more interesting for the reader and more enjoyable for the person doing the project.
Part 2
Dr. Miller stated, "We work in a digital environment".  I agree 100% because our culture has updated our technology resources to make learning fun and exciting.  We are able to use technology that can change right before our eyes.  Just think, your in a science class and the teacher uses the smart board to show 3D object to explain photosynthesis.  The teacher will have the students glued to the screen.  Years ago, teachers didn't have the capability to use this kind technology in the classroom.  We should take advantage of all this technology.  Educators should share ideas freely, become open to change and embrace this new culture as technology takes over.  Teachers should use technology to push technological ideas into our culture.  Dr. Miller say, "The limit and restrictions are the ones we place on ourselves", this means that we only see what we want to see.  Educators need to open their eyes bigger and see how technology can bring amazing techniques and advantages to teaching our students.  Educators need to be an, "open book", open to new ways to teach and embrace this change.

The Chipper Series and EDM310 for Dummies:
I enjoyed Chipper's video very much.  She talked about procrastination and how excuses aren't enough.  Do your work on-time or suffer the consequences.  If you do not do what you are suppose to do then drastic measures will be taken , like getting fired from your job.  Education can be very expensive, so don't waste your money.  EDM310 for Dummies is hilarious because I am sure there are others that feel the exact same way as it shows in this video.  EDM310 is required because it is going to help us in the long run.  It has opened my eyes to embrace change and want to experience my own technology adventure.
An idea I have would be, create a community website for all teachers that they can post new web links of new tools they find on the internet to help with teaching.  I would want to make this website simple enough that teachers who aren't as familiar with the computer can use it without struggle.  Also, teachers could have the option to share Google Presentation or Prezi's on the website for others to use.  We are in this together and if we all collaborate ideas and work together then we can use technology to our advantage.
I would recommend all teachers and future teachers take this class because it is useful.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn:
This video sums up what EDM310 is trying to achieve.  Education is ranked the lowest, is this what our future is going to be?  Technology has created bridges for educators to help with converting over to this change.  Technology has created a new world, a new environment, which opens new possibilities that we should embrace.  We need to grab technology by the horns and ride this bull because our students education is at jeopardy.  Classrooms should be converted to the 21t century networked students.  This is a task all educators should want to achieve not only to help our educational department but most important the education of our students.

Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12
WOW, Carly is very enthusiastic about teaching, technology and learning.  She opens the door to more possibilities, educators can use to help their students in every directions needed.  Carly relates her blog post to Dr. Miller's presentation perfectly.  Carly relates also, how EDM310 helps bring creativity because of the use of technology.  English Teachers remind me of people who are open minded and want to bring imagination and creativity to the next level.

1.) I thought that would help students, parents and teachers all stay better connected vs. the phone and email.  I will use this website in my classroom because this is a great tool.
2.) The website that produced the video that we had to watch was  As a teacher this is a great FREE tool for teachers to use to help make learning fun and exiting.
3.)Taking a Poll


  1. Hey Angelia,

    I enjoyed reading your blog post! I totally agree with you that ALL educators need to be open to new technology and the advancements it can bring to any classroom. You are right. technology WILL become our number one tool.

    I also thought EDM 310 for Dummies was hilarious. She did an amazing job expressing her (everyone's) frustrations with the class. But we love it anyways, or at least I do. I love your idea to create a website for teachers to post on on when they discover new and interesting tools. I agree, we are all in this together. We should help each other out.

    I thought the same thing when I read Carly's blog. It is clear that she is very passionate about teaching. A must have to be a great teacher. You also seem to very passionate about teaching. You want to make a difference; don't we all. Good Luck!!


  2. Hey Angelia,

    Good job on your post! I too am interested writing with multimedia, but I need to work on it!

    Many of your classmates have found Edmodo. I think it is a great way for beginning teachers to gain the trust of the parents to use technology in the classroom.

    Google Forms is another way you can create a polling system for classroom use. It is directly built into your Google docs!

    Good post,

    Stephen Akins