Thursday, June 21, 2012

Blog Post #7

Thomas Suarez:
This was an added assignment to blog post#7 and I was very interested to find out that a 12 year old boy named Thomas Suarez was able to understand and create apps for you iPhone, iPad and etc.  What I learned from this young inspirational boy was that technology is surrounding our educational system and we should embrace all aspects of this great tool.  He makes a funny joke, "students know a little more then teachers with the technology".  What does this mean?  In my opinion it tells us that our educators have not converted to the new age, the 21st century new age.  If our students are surpassing us in the technology world then they will be teaching us vs. us teaching them.  We need to get on the universal technology band wagon and help improve our teaching methods by incorporating new ideas that we gain from the virtual world.
This video tells me that technology is vastly growing all over the world and in every classroom.  The 21st century has students learning how to incorporate technology in their school atmosphere.  By Thomas creating a group in his school sponsored by a teacher it brings teamwork which will help the students in the future.  His dedication to technology and interest in making new apps, will save money for the educational system.  Before, meeting all the team members of iSchool I was on edge about technology and how it will impact our educators usefulness.  With Thomas creating groups to show his classmates and even teachers how technology can advance our learning skills, this will open many doors for new and inventive ways students can venture out and invite technology in their lives.  Kinda like the ripple affect, once a students notices how fun and exciting a project can be they share their experiences and show others they can do it too.
This video fits in with blog post #7 because I feel that Dr. Strange is trying to show us that even 12 year old children are incorporating technology and find it interesting to invent apps that will help their fellow classmates but also teachers too.  Technology is a ride at a Disney world I want to take over and over again.  I feel that Dr. Strange also wanted us to know that building apps isn't impossible and we can do anything we set our minds too.  We should use all tools necessary, to help our students learn and to retain all information in their life time.
inspector gadget with all the needs for a 21st century teacher

Wendy Drexler: The Networked Student:
I would like to start off by saying what a great video this was.  Loved the idea and this video kept my attention the entire time.  Being a 21st century educator to me means understanding the use and tools of all technology available to me.  In this video they discuss the importance of how technology can give a diverse connection which can empower our students to take control of their learning.  Blogging. podcasting and so many more give the opportunity to open the minds of students to see other opinions and to create one of their own.  We can use the tools like iPad, MP3 players and iPhones for more then listening to music or talking/texting on the phone.  We can use these tools to invent apps that will help students expand their mind to more than just a book sitting in front of them.  It will open their eyes to see what all the world has to offer.  With using podcasting our students can access the best professors from all around the world.
Virtual text books is a wonderful idea.  In my opinion they should not cost more then $25.00 because you can get them for free in some cases.  It will save our children from back aches and physical deformities.  We could save so much money if we had text books we could utilize by just a push of a button.  
We were told to pay close attention to the question, "Why does the networked students even need a teacher?  Well for all of who had doubt before have no fear, the list explains why teachers will not be obsolete but helpers to guide students to be life long learners.  The reasons why our students will need educators are;  they will teach how to build networks and offer guidance when stuck, show how to communicate properly and ask respectably for help with experts, help navigate their future, turn a web search to a fun and exciting treasure hunt, help find new interesting facts, organize the enormous amounts of information obtained and in the heart of all teachers, we will hope to show all our students to keep learning, inventing, sharing, and expanding your mind to the many possibilities technology will offer now and in our future.
A 7th graders Personal Learning Environement (or PLN):
All the words that can come out of my mouth after watching this video is, "AMAZING"!  This 7th grader is more organized then myself at age 27.  I am working on my PLN and its coming along, I hope to have it completed by Sunday!  These are great ways to keep organized and help stay connected with all the learning tools on-line.  She states that this is freedom, freedom to learn how you feel is best. Children are all about being an adult and growing up fast, in my opinion.  So, these tools give them a little taste of how the real world is and how technology affects the world around us.  She is one smart 7th grader, when I was her age I was worried about friends and what I was doing that weekend.


  1. Hey Angelia,

    I like your thoughts on the networked student. There are so many positive ways that this could become a great way for all students to learn and learn things they want to explore.

    Do you see your PLN in a different way after watching the 7th Grader's PLN?

    I see several grammatical errors in your post. Make sure you are proofreading before you post.

    Stephen Akins

  2. Hi Angela,

    I want to start off by saying your blog page as a whole looks amazing! You are doing a great job on all your post and as I read your blog post 7 I seen just a few grammatical errors, but loved your overall thoughts. Is it not breath taking to see so many young students such as the 7th grader complete multiple digital assignments? I wish everyday that I was taught at a young age how to better use technology where I would be more efficient at it today as an EDM 310 student! By the way I love your pictures, so cute! Keep up the good work.